About Us


On June 15, 2004, a group of concerned charter boat operators from Homer took time out of their busy summer season and formed a new charter association- The Alaska Charter Association. 

The Alaska Charter Association represents various business and individuals that have united against  efforts to restrict the recreational angler’s public access to the halibut resource.  Our main points of concern are:

  • A need for equal representation on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council, Board of Fish, Advisory Panel and Stakeholders committees.
  • Conservation of the halibut resource.
  • Ensure equal and fair access for all recreational anglers.
  • Ensuring that management decisions comply with the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the 10 national standards for fishery conservation and management, and the public trust doctrine.
  • Ensuring reasonable mechanisms for growth in the recreational Alaska fishing sector.
  • Comprehensive economic studies of the value of a sport caught fish to the local economies.

From its humble beginnings in Homer, the Alaska Charter Association has grown to be the state’s largest association of charter boat operators. 

Our Goals for Alaska Fishing

Our mission - The Alaska Charter Association seeks to preserve and protect public access fishing rights and the marine resources saltwater fishermen need, and for the Alaska fishing charter fleet to best serve the recreational fishery.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are elected on a rotating basis and is composed of Alaska fishing industry members who own charter fishing boats and who volunteer their time and expertise to our organization.