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ACA's mission is: 
To preserve and protect the rights and resources of Alaska's recreational anglers and to serve as the voice of the marine charter industry on local, state, federal and international issues affecting our industry.  We need your support! 

For decades, commercial fishing organizations have sought to privatize fisheries, manipulate allocations, conceal trawl bycatch and reduce charter fishing access. 

Recently, charter operators were forced into a halibut Catch Share Plan (CSP) that reduced charter allocation -- Commercial organizations working through the NPFMC, essentially seized halibut allocation from the charter fleet and converted it to commercial IFQ. 
ACA has challenged the CSP and co-authored a program called CATCH to take back the halibut allocation stolen from the charter fleet. The CATCH program is designed to benefit charter halibut guides and anglers. 

ACA sends representatives to all regulatory meetings affecting the sport fishing industry to fight for YOUR RIGHTS.  If you cannot attend these meetings, you should support those that do and join the ACA today.  To be more effective we simply NEED MORE MEMBERS!

ACA's Work is Crucial to the Viability of the Sport Fishing Sector in a Commercially-Driven Industry 

  • Your business success is linked to your client's continued fair and equitable access to fish. 
  • Regulators need to know charter operators need stable and predictable allocations and regulations in order to market their services. 
  • Regulators need to know the value of a recreational fishery not only in terms of economic importance, but the social and cultural benefits this brings to the sport fishing public. 

Help the ACA Protect Alaska's Sport Fishery


We Must:

  • Reduce Chinook salmon and halibut bycatch in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska to sustain our fisheries.
  • Stop the commercial sector resource allocation grabs.
  • Repudiate proposals to the Board of Fish by the commercial sector that are not in the best interest of marine stewardship. 
  • Protect the rights of all Alaska's recreational anglers.

Alaska Charter Association

  • Represents YOUR interests at meetings conducted by the IPHC, NPFMC and the Alaska Board of Fisheries.
  • Keeps you informed on issues important to your business.
  • Provides resources to answer your questions regarding particular regulations and their enforcement.
  • Supports marine stewardship and fisheries research to enhance the recreational fishing experience in Alaska.

Please join the ACA today: Your financial contributions are appreciated and will help support our cause.

Catch Sharing Plan

Draft EA/RIR/IRFA (Analysis)

Larry Csonka pitches in for the guided angler! Listen here

ACA representative Jim Martin interviewed by Channel 2 KTUU

ACA Debunks the Halibut Myth Buster at Alaska Journal of Commerce


Our strength comes with our numbers that show we care about the future of our charter and lodge businesses in Alaska.

The Alaska Charter Association is a statewide organization representing about 180 charter and associated businesses. Its mission-“to preserve and protect those fishing rights and resources necessary for the Alaska charter fleet to best serve the recreational fishery.”
For more information on Halibut Charter Background, access information under Letters tab.

History & Purpose

On June 15, 2004, a group of concerned charter boat operators from Homer took time out of their busy summer season and formed a new charter association- The Alaska Charter Association. 

Our mission - The Alaska Charter Association seeks to preserve and protect those fishing rights and resources necessary for the Alaska charter fleet to best serve the recreational fishery.

The Alaska Charter Association represents various business and individuals that have united against opposition efforts to restrict the recreational angler’s rights to the halibut resource.  Our main points of concern are:

  • A need for equal representation on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council, Board of Fish, Advisory Panel and Stakeholders committees.
  • Conservation of the halibut resource and wastage issues.
  • Ensure equal and fair access for all recreational anglers.
  • Ensuring that management decisions comply with the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the 10 national standards for fishery conservation and management, and the public trust doctrine.
  • Ensuring reasonable mechanisms for growth in the recreational fishing sector.
  • Comprehensive economic studies of the value of a sport caught fish to the local economies.

From its humble beginnings in Homer, Alaska in June of 2004, the Alaska Charter Association has grown to be the state’s largest association of charter boat operators, with over 341 members including association members, we represent about over 35% of all saltwater guide services.   You need to be part of this strengthening organization. In this period, we have accomplished a great deal. See our Accomplishments page.

There has been much testimony and individuals have written many letters. This effort has been key in realizing our accomplishments.  Your continued efforts are necessary.   Organized opposition will dominate the resource if we do not make our voice heard.   Keep writing these letters.

ACA Board of Directors:

Richard Yamada, Juneau,  President
Bryan Baker, Vice President
Daniel Donich, Homer, Treasurer
Jeff Wedekind, Ketchikan,  Secretary
Grantley Moore, Juneau
David Bayes, Homer
Theresa Weiser, Sitka
Mike Flores, Ninilchik
Eric Lehm, Homer

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